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Transform a Kiwi mop into a Graffiti Marker

Originally posted by: ZOT

This is really the sickest marker I ever wrote with, this is sooo cool, made out of a Kiwi Mop you can get at Walmart.
I didn’t use ink, I took a can of mtn chrome and sprayed in the mop. Its sick tags are really fat and visible

kiwi mop graffiti marker


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2 Responses

  1. typeryter says:

    You might want to remind ppl that If they leave this overnight, in their bag or pants, the pressure will bust the lid off. I know, because I did the exact same thing with Bubble gum pink montana in a KIWI shoe mop.

  2. typeryter says:

    this might be different factoring in the amount of paint you put in, and how soon you put the lid on after sray-filling the canister.

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