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Homemade mop

Originally posted by: Smile one

I just made that one, with whiteboard cleaner nib, container as you can see is deodorant. I made some homemade ink with paint thinner and oil based paint and brake fluid. Work well as hell just i have to rack little different container cuz in that one i cant screw it down to the full, cuz nib stopped it :S… So yea..



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Chalk board Eraser nib

Originally posted by: Trac

im guessing chalk board eraser?

a new marker/mop i made:

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Skinny Graffiti Mop

Originally posted by:

check out this lil mop i found

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Krink squeeze mops

Originally posted by: SenZ

yo the best mop i have used recently has been the Krink Squeeze mop,that shit comes out so smooth…


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Window Marker Tutorial

Originally posted by: sfodcrew

Notice how I only keep ONE marble.


this Tutorial was done with a window marker found at Staples.


Take your knife and cut the rivets along the piece that connects the nib and cap to tha body (you have to do this before you can unscrew it off)

After you have cut around tha piece that holds it to tha body, screw it off, tha pump system comes out with that piece(you can remove it, I’ll show u later)

Empty out shitty paint into a bowl (or wash down that sink) It will have 2 marbles in it.

Wash out pump system and body, dry it out with paper towel.

I wrapped it with electrical tape just for looks.

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Deodorant Marker

Originally posted by: Trak

And my deodorant marker

deodorant graffiti marker

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Transform a Kiwi mop into a Graffiti Marker

Originally posted by: ZOT

This is really the sickest marker I ever wrote with, this is sooo cool, made out of a Kiwi Mop you can get at Walmart.
I didn’t use ink, I took a can of mtn chrome and sprayed in the mop. Its sick tags are really fat and visible

kiwi mop graffiti marker

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Homemade Mop : Glue Pen & Deodorant

Originally posted by:planet MARZ

i made two mops today. one with an empty roll-on deoderant bottle and the other with a glue pen.
theyre full ghetto style. covered the bottoms with garbage bag stuff and then sticky taped it up.

the nibs look shit in the photos. theyre just foam like the foam u use to wash ur car but it works fine. they stick out more than they look in the photos

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Homemade Paint Mop

Originally posted by: Sold1

graffiti homemade mop

1.Gather Materials
paint thinner
empty mop
mixing container(sour cream container)

2. Set Up

find an area to make your mop
get gloves and stir stick
open empty mop thinner and paint

3. Stirring your brew
stir it real well for a few minutes

4.Mixing the paint and thinner
mix paint and thinner in the mixing container: 2 parts paint to 1 part thinner

5. Final Touches

put marble in the mop
pour paint into mop
fill mop completely
put on nib
put on top
then go out and hit shit up

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Deodorant Stick now a Graffiti Marker

Originally posted by: -CeLL2-

This is the mop i made today! i haven’t filled it yet cuz i don’t have no ink!

Just a Speed stick Roll-on Deodorant tube thing!


The shit at the bottom is wax, so the ink don’t spill out(i might need to just wrap the shit up wit tape but i ain’t tested it yet:P)

I put a sponge in it n now i’m just waitin for sum ink!

deodorant graffiti marker

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